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omgoogle Earthquake

I would have blogged earlier, but we’ve just spent half an hour sitting around hammering refresh on BBC news. That was pretty pretty awesome. I was sitting here, and felt my desk start to vibrate under my knee. I thought … Continue reading

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Good morning, it’s Orange Juice o’clock!

Seriously, Maths>Sleep ∀ maths that has to be in by the next morning. That’s a fact. A pointer also towards Microsoft Dreamspark for being the most awesome student deal since The Ultimate Steal – perhaps better! Free VS2008 was too … Continue reading

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The craziest guy in America

Trawling through my feeds today, I came across a link to an article on the website of an American political commentator/economist by the name of Lyndon LaRouche (and there’s a name to strike fear in your heart). To cut it … Continue reading

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New blog

Because Pivot was just made of fail. At least, something was, because it required that I manually rebuilt the entry database every few minutes in order that it would notice that I’d written most of my entries. Besides, the original … Continue reading

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