What annoys me…

That game developers insist on filling my Documents folder up with hundreds of folders bearing their company name, with the sole reason of storing their save files in those respective folders. There’s a reason that there’s a “Saved Games” folder, guys. The ability to use this folder seems to be a skill learnt only by Darwinia, Red Alert 3 and C&C3 (even then, the latter two create a folder in /Documents to store Replays – DO NOT WANT).

My Documents folder

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3 Responses to What annoys me…

  1. Dominic Self says:

    You don’t have a copy of FrontPage installed, do you…? *suspicious*

  2. Estel says:

    Nope! I do have MS Expression though.

  3. Dominic Self says:

    Ah, phew :D

    (Oh and yes, I entirely agree with your complaint.)

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