Spotify TOS Update

As Spotify haven’t seen fit to mention today’s TOS update in their blog; I’ve attempted a quick diff. Comparing to this version from the Wayback Machine.

  1. The provisions for Spotify Open have been removed. Previously Spotify could be accessed as:

    as an ad-supported free-to-the-user service having a cap of 20 listening hours per month during the first 6 months following creation of your Spotify account and thereafter a cap of 10 listening hours per month and a cap of 5 plays per unique track

  2. Section 1: Previously the TOS could only be accepted when you explicitly accepted them. Now one is deemed to have accepted them if they download the client or create an account either through the Spotify site or Facebook.
  3. Section 10: An error was rectified with an incorrect reference to Section 16.
  4. Section 12: The terms of Spotify Social have been amended to discussion Facebook integration more fully. Previously:

    You may choose whether to use the features of Spotify Social or not.


    If you choose to activate Spotify Social, including choosing to connect to a Facebook account, your Spotify profile, including your Facebook user name and Facebook profile photo, will become publicly viewable to other users of the Spotify Service in the Spotify Software Application. If you connect your Spotify account to a Facebook account, in the preferences pane you can choose whether or not to automatically share your listening activities to Facebook, including whether or not to publish your playlists when created, to other Spotify Social users or to Facebook if you have activated sharing to Facebook. You agree that Spotify is not responsible for content once it is shared to Facebook.

  5. Section 13: Spotify claim the right to “remove or reclaim” your username at its discretion.
  6. Section 14: You now agree that Spotify and its business partners can provide advertising that is not limited to being “in relation to the Spotify Software Application and the Spotify Service” (I hadn’t realised it was anyway…).
  7. Section 16: Reaffirming the non-requirement of explicit acceptance of this TOS.
  8. Section 18: Absolving third parties of liabilities in case of damages arising from the use of Spotify

Obviously this isn’t any sort of legal or formal interpretation of the TOS. Find your own lawyer.

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