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Spotify TOS Update

As Spotify haven’t seen fit to mention today’s TOS update in their blog; I’ve attempted a quick diff. Comparing to this version from the Wayback Machine. The provisions for Spotify Open have been removed. Previously Spotify could be accessed as: … Continue reading

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Django recruitment…

I get a fair bit of recruitment spam from local agencies, and recently there’s been one recruiter in particular that’s sent consistently bizarre emails for his vacancies. Perhaps it’s just an attempt to stand out… but it seems it works, … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Adventure Games: TARDIS micro-review

Micro-review really is the appropriate term here, because there really isn’t much of a game to pass comment on. From first loading the game through the end of the credits took no more than 50 minutes, a quarter of which … Continue reading

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Modern Warfare 2 and Digital Distribution

In case you somehow missed it, this week saw the release of Modern Warfare 2, a game that has comprehensively smashed every existing release day sales record, and looks set to become one of the best selling titles of all … Continue reading

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Tales of Monkey Island 1: Review

After years in the desert, Lucasarts is finally returning to adventure gaming and releasing titles in the ever-popular Monkey Island franchise. In their first episodic release, they’ve collaborated again with Sam and Max developers Telltale games to produce the Tales of Monkey Island. Continue reading

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What annoys me…

That game developers insist on filling my Documents folder up with hundreds of folders bearing their company name, with the sole reason of storing their save files in those respective folders. There’s a reason that there’s a “Saved Games” folder, … Continue reading

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Compsoc Holiday Caption Competition

Probably not the best choice of photo possible, but here’s an interesting one that the camera threw up: Answers on a postcard… or in the comments section.

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Fun with compiling

In a desperate effort to procrastinate today, I’ve been tinkering on the Linux ITS machines seeing if I can supplement their provided software. To this end I’ve attempted to build some decent multimedia apps (vlc and mplayer), update Firefox from … Continue reading

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Warwick Word 2007 fix

There seems to be a problem on ITS windows machines at the moment where trying to do nearly anything in Word (even pasting content into the page, or attempting to print it), results in Word complaining that “The Macros in … Continue reading

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Warwick SU Election Results

Reposting from Dave McCormick. President: Andrew Bradley Mitchell Fung Andy Glyde Sam Shirley Asen Geshakov

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