Warwick Word 2007 fix

There seems to be a problem on ITS windows machines at the moment where trying to do nearly anything in Word (even pasting content into the page, or attempting to print it), results in Word complaining that “The Macros in this project are disabled”. Until ITS presumably release a fix soon, you can fix this now by:

  1. Enabling the “Developer” tab in the ribbon – Open Word Options from the menu which is opened by clicking on the circular thing in the top left. Under “Popular” options should be “Show developer tab on the ribbon”. Enable it.
  2. Open the Document Tempalates dialogue – it’s under the developer tab.
  3. Disable the addins – On the templates tab, uncheck both the “MathType Commands 6 for Word” and “MathPage” Global Templates and Add-ins.

And you should be done! Yay!

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HYS / Abolishing SATs

I know that ill-informed and stupid comments on HYS are a fact of life which are nearly as mundane to point out as the colour of the sky, but sometimes I just can’t help it.

With the recent news that the NUT wishes to boycott SATs this year, the right-minded British public shared some of its thoughts here. And they’re just not getting the point:

Boycotting SATs does not mean that teachers wish to abolish all assessment for Primary school students, only to abolish the ridiculous SAT system which only pressures headteachers and teachers to narrow the range of primary education to focus only on those areas assessed by SATs. Assessing student attainment is good, but compromising a broad education for the sake of very specific maths, science and english question answering skills is, frankly, ridiculous.

Also, Mr BAZ S of Scotland: the tax payer is exactly who should /not/ have a say in this. Taxpayers know dick.

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Warwick SU Election Results

Reposting from Dave McCormick.


  1. Andrew Bradley
  2. Mitchell Fung
  3. Andy Glyde
  4. Sam Shirley
  5. Asen Geshakov

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Unfinished Games

Returning my University float of games to my shelf at home made me very sad about my ability to complete them.

These are the games currently sitting on my shelf

These are the games currently sitting on my shelf

Without counting the games purchased on Steam, of these, I have completed only… erm… COD2, COD4, COD5, Half Life 2 and… uhhh.. that’s it.

Christmas is a good excuse to play more, right?

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Christmas Buyers Guide

Reindeer Rescue - Game

Here’s the week 10 Boar article which once again I left writing until the very last second; and then some. Will thoroughly dealt with the first three platforms, whilst I wrote most of the latter three consoles’ recommendations; though I must admit to the need to entirely retract the recommendation for Guitar Hero: World Tour. It was made in lieu of any other decent DS releases in Europe for this holiday period.

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Page 56 Meme

Fine. Now that it seems to have made it to Facebook statuses everywhere, I’ll give in and follow the crowd.

The amount of money in our pocket will not change as we walk down the street, jostling it up and down; the number of books that we have will not change if we pack them up in a box, load them into a car, drive one hundred miles, unload the box, unpack it, and place the book in a new shelf.

Does anyone fancy trying to guess which book this is?  Answers on a postcard…

Suffice to say, it’s a book which I’ve now had for well over a year and am yet to even read the preface of. Seems to be a gripping read though…

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Gaming on Demand

Fat Princess

For some reason, I’ve recently expressed interest in writing for the new games section of the Boar. The first issue was pretty slick, with a review of a Wii title, Fable 2, a first impressions of Red Alert 3 and a brief discussion of WotLK (it even had some of my photos from my simply frightening visit to the Leamington midnight launch).

This week’s issue is somewhat more brief, with a discussion of the merits of the Xbox 360 and PS3′s downloadable games services, as well as some brief reviews of what we consider to be some of the better titles to grace these services. Though seeing it in print is clearly much more pro, the article is reproduced (in an even more extended form!) here. The vast majority is written by Will Brierley, though I pipped in for the PS3 reviews, which it must be said, suffered the editor’s wrath with the most (quite correct) vigour!
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Facebook ads…

Really are rather fail. Failing to explicitly claim to be “interest in women” (rather than simply leave this field blank) results in an overwhelming predominance of gay pickup ads. And then there’re things like this:
Fail ads on facebook...
which are fail beyond words.

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Soo, I’m well back and well rested from a great trip to California. I’ve finally gotten around to uploading all of my photos, though tagging the final 40% of them just became a bit to much of a chore, so I didn’t bother. In any case, I’d only feel obliged to geo-tag them all afterwards too; which would take forever.

My previous post was very brief simply because typing on the PSP is very slow. Think texting, and then half the possible speed. However, a decision to buy a rather pretty PSP (with a lovely Final Fantasy logo) on it was entirely justified by its support of Skype. O2 roaming charges to the US are an entirely ridiculous £2 per minute to make a call, and £1.50 to recieve one; but using Skype (which was available in nearly all of the hotels that we stayed at), cut that down to pittance.

Regardless, some photos from my time in California are below, enjoy:

For the summer, I’ve somehow winded up with working night shift back at Sainsburys for two nights a week. Having lost my letter, it was the only possible vacancy that they had left; and there’d have been no way I’d have taken it were it not for the £1.50 premium per hour. The main downside is, obviously, that it screws my already poor sleeping patterns even further. Boo.

I’ve also finally gotten around to playing MGS4, and am working through it slowly; not at all helped by the fact I sleep through nearly every day. Tomorrow is also being reserved for playing Pixeljunk: Eden, which lots of people seem to be raving about. I’m shallow enough to be drawn in by the prospect of Remote Play and Trophies (!!!), so it’s fortunate it’s fun too. I’m not exactly getting very far through the trophies in Super Stardust HD.

In other gaming; i34 is getting underway up in Stoneleigh Park in a couple of weeks time; and it has finally been confirmed as the venue for i35 in November. I’m now making it a priority to make as many people as possible going; namely compsoc, as we’re local anyway, and DiVAS for some silly pissup. Yay for Stoneleigh!

WordPress updated to 2.6; though I made a booboo when clearing unmoderated spam comments and accidentally deleted every single comment. Oh well.

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Holiday blog

There are several things I have learnt this past week:
Wireless internet is more essential in a hotel than a colour TV; California suffers from fires; PSP Skype is the absolute win; and July fourth is not a good time to holiday.

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