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Doctor Who Adventure Games: TARDIS micro-review

Micro-review really is the appropriate term here, because there really isn’t much of a game to pass comment on. From first loading the game through the end of the credits took no more than 50 minutes, a quarter of which … Continue reading

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Geronimo! Dr. Who Adventures

Cards on the table; interests declared beforehand; bribes quietly taken in a back-alley: I fucking love Doctor Who. As a character and a personality, he’s a constantly evolving, infinitely faceted character both instantly lovable and eternally distant. As a series, … Continue reading

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Konami Game Rereleases?

A week ago, Gemini-Phoenix on the games™ Forum spotted something rather interesting on eBay: a number of sellers were selling new sealed copies of the hitherto somewhat rare ZOE2 where the box art had the brand spanking new 2009 PEGI … Continue reading

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Tales of Monkey Island 1: Review

After years in the desert, Lucasarts is finally returning to adventure gaming and releasing titles in the ever-popular Monkey Island franchise. In their first episodic release, they’ve collaborated again with Sam and Max developers Telltale games to produce the Tales of Monkey Island. Continue reading

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What annoys me…

That game developers insist on filling my Documents folder up with hundreds of folders bearing their company name, with the sole reason of storing their save files in those respective folders. There’s a reason that there’s a “Saved Games” folder, … Continue reading

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Unfinished Games

Returning my University float of games to my shelf at home made me very sad about my ability to complete them. Without counting the games purchased on Steam, of these, I have completed only… erm… COD2, COD4, COD5, Half Life … Continue reading

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Christmas Buyers Guide

Here’s the week 10 Boar article which once again I left writing until the very last second; and then some. Will thoroughly dealt with the first three platforms, whilst I wrote most of the latter three consoles’ recommendations; though I … Continue reading

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Gaming on Demand

For some reason, I’ve recently expressed interest in writing for the new games section of the Boar. The first issue was pretty slick, with a review of a Wii title, Fable 2, a first impressions of Red Alert 3 and … Continue reading

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Two years ago, Introversion released Darwinia, and it was an amazing game that made a lot of people very happy. What made me even happier was the announcement and much more recent beta-test of Multiwinia (it was announced some time … Continue reading

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