Hi, I'm Nathan

I’m a mobile app developer based in London.

I also like emoji and 🏏. Hit me up.

Recent posts

Grabbing a restaurant table with Google Cloud

My family were paying a visit to London earlier this year, and it seemed like a good opportunity to show them the London institution of Dishoom. Famously this restaurant isn’t big on prebooking preferring to keep most of their tables for walk-up diners, who are often found queuing for hours outside each location. This isn’t something that gels well with a day trip to London when there might be a better way to spend the day!

Speeding up your custom Xcode build scripts

When a project reaches a certain size you quickly start getting frustrated with slow compilation times. This can be a particular problem if you’ve added scripts to auto-generate code, such as SwiftGen that work best when run as a build phase to remain in sync with your storyboards and strings. In a recent project this reached the point where developers were waiting sixty to ninety seconds to launch the app even when they hadn’t made any changes to the code 😰.